Sell Your Cards and old RPG’s

Bring your gently used cards to Gnome Games - we might buy them!Gnome Games  does purchase used cards and role playing books  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Occasionally our buyers may be able to look at a your cards if they are in the stores, but we will NOT publish their schedule, and we can not tell you in advance without an appointment when they are going to be available.  Gnome Games buyers or staff will not provide any valuations for your cards without an appointment.

Please provide an accurate description, if it is a large collection or a binder you don’t have to list everything, just the key hot cards if any and an estimated quantity.  That gives us an idea of how long we need to allocate to looking over what you want to sell to us.

YOU MUST BE 18 to sell your cards and role-playing books to us.  If you are not, your legal guardian MUST accompany you.  Always bring a photo ID with you.

While we’d like to buy all of your stuff, the reality is that if we can’t sell it we can’t buy it.  For that reason we may refuse to even look at cards that are damaged, or from games we no longer support.

So here is what we are looking for:

The Games
First we are looking only for cards from games that are still being played.  While it’s really cool to have a complete set of Mega Man, and we did like the game; we probably can’t sell them at all – so we wouldn’t be interested in them.

So at this time we are only looking for cards from the following games:

Pokemon – Black White Legal Singles and  bulk collections only.  We are not interested in one or two of your old Charizards

Magic the Gathering - All  Standard and Modern Legal Rares, Power 9, Dual Lands and select older rares.  Bulk collections area also purchased

Yu Gi Oh - Select Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, Ghost Rare cards.  We will look at bulk collections of Mint/Near Mint commons/rares on a case by case basis, but will not purchase and ANY Played Condition rares or commons even in bulk.

Role-Playing Books - Most editions of D&D (Except 3.0 core books), and other role playing books in good condition.  We are not looking for Dragon Magazines etc. at this time.

Card Condition

Cards that are all beat up, torn, worn or look like your dog ate them are not going to sell for us – so we don’t want them.  If your collection has a bunch of these – we probably won’t want them unless the specific card is very valuable.  For example a Black Lotus in Poor Condition is still a playable Black Lotus and we might give you a couple of bucks for it.

The condition of your cards also determines how much we might offer for them.

Near Mint Cards in Near Mint condition show almost  no wear from shuffling or general play. Cards in Near Mint  condition are indistinguishable from cards in an unsleeved deck of other Near Mint/Mint cards or a fresh card taken from a pack.   When we buy singles in this condition you will get the full buy price for them.

 Played Cards in  Played condition show wear or damage  that is visible upon first glance. Examples of cards in this grade include cards with shuffle creasing, moderate corner wear, moderate border wear, moderate whitening or scratched on the back or front face of the card major scratching, minor water damage, or slight (hairline) creasing.   When we buy played condition singles we offer less than 50% of the buy price for them

Heavily Played Cards in Heavily Played condition show extreme wear, and may not be legal for tournament play, even in a sleeve.  These cards are torn, have significant creases or edge damage, foil separation, etc.  We only purchase very select Heavily Played Cards and downgrade the buy price on  collections if they have a good number of Heavily Played cards in them.  It is in your best interest to remove these cards from your collection before you bring it.  Please consider the environment and recycle your Heavily Played cards.

Buy Price

Gnome Games reserves the right to not purchase any used cards or books at any time for any reason.  Our Buy Price is determined by market fluctuations that change frequently, and is usually about 40% of the Sale price for popular singles and significantly lower for cards and books that have a lower demand.  When we set up an appointment we’ll look over the entire collection and make an offer on everything.  We will not go through your binder to select a few cards and buy them.  You always have the right to refuse our offer.

We pay more for in store credit than we do for cash.  Our usual cash to credit ratio is about 60% so if we offer you $10 Store Credit the same offer would be about $6 cash.

We will not quote prices or set up appointments to look at cards over the phone EVER, so please do not call to ask.

We will buy bulk collections in Mint/Near Mint condition and mixed sets – normally by the pound based on overall condition of the cards and the rare to common ratio.


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