Let’s Play Catan – Catan World Championship Prequalifier Sat April 5

Let’s Play Catan – Catan World Championship Pre-Qualifier at Tabletop Day!

Saturday April 5
10 AM
Gnome Games East

Preregistration is now closed

Entry is $10 on site – open at 9:30 AM while seats remain.

Seating is limited to 64 players

We will seat at 10 AM

4 Rounds with each player starting in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th postion
Top 16 players go on to single elimination finals
Winner gets a travel award to Origins from Gnome Games and housing/entry from Mayfair Games.

Gnome Games and Let’s Play Green Bay are hosting a Settlers of Catan World Championship Pre-Qualifier Saturday April 5, 2014!

The winner of this event will travel to Origins to play in the Catan World Championship Qualifier! Gnome Games will pay for the travel,($150 Stipend) and the player will be the guest of Mayfair Games for the weekend and have a chance to win a seat at the Catan World Championship!

Registration is limited to 64 players for this event.

Entry is $10

We’ll also have a lot of other great games, and loads of fun for Tabletop Day too!
Looking for a way to win a trip to Gen Con?

We’ll be running another Pre-Qualifier for the Gen Con Catan World Championship Qualifier on Sunday May 25th!
Watch the Gnome Games Website for more details!

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