Coming Soon

Fluxx – the Card Game with Ever-Changing Rules!

Karma – Coming to the Gnome in March

New from Team Components! Hive: The Pillbug Expansion!

D&D Miniatures are coming back!

Gnome Games Winter Game Swap and Used Game Sale – Saturday January 18 Gnome Games East

HeroClic Avengers vs. X-Men storyline tournaments coming in December

Zombies!!! 12 – Zombie Zoo coming to Gnome Games

Yu Gi Oh Judgement of the Light Sneak Peek Weekend August 3 – 4

Yu Gi Oh Onslaught of the Fire Kings arrives Friday Feb 8

Magic – Gatecrash Prerelease All Guild Pass preregistration is now open

Magic – Gatecrash Prerelease Weekend Jan 26 – 27 at Gnome Games

Catan Explorers and Pirates sails into Gnome Games in April!

Pokemon Boundaries Crossed Prerelease and Theme Deck Parties

Return to Ravnica Prerelease Weekend is here! Sept. 29 – 30

Pokémon Black White Boundaries Crossed arrives in November

Warhammer 40K Dark Vengeance is coming

Legend of the 5 Rings RPG – Second City Boxed Set arrives this fall

Pokémon Dragons Exalted Prerelease Information

Gnome Games to host a Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition Sneak Peek July 7 & 8!

Magic Planechase arrives Friday June 1st – Preorder yours and save$

Gnome Games ignites the Dawn with a Avacyn Restored Prerelease Weekend April 27, 28, 29

Wizards of the Coast delays release of AD&D Premium Core Rulebooks

Yu Gi Oh Ra Yellow Mega Packs coming to Gnome Games

Star Trek Catan – boldly goes where no Catan has gone before!

Premium Deck Series – Graveborn